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  • Black Peppered Jalapeno Mustard - 10 oz jar


    This award-winning savory, slightly sweet, yet bold condiment tantalizes your taste buds with fresh black pepper flavor, the sweet tanginess of creamy mustard and a delightful kick of spicy jalapeno. Replace your ordinary mustard with this zesty condiment to awaken your taste buds and add a delicious jalapeno twist to sandwiches, potato, egg, or tuna salad.

  • Candied Cranberry Balsamic - 12 oz jar

    Currently unavailable

    This full bodied, sweet, slightly spicy, fruit & nut glaze is quite versatile. Simply pour over cream cheese or hot brie & serve with your favorite crackers or crusty warm French bread. Top or use as a condiment on ham, turkey, chicken, pork, or quail. Bursting with flavor and beautifully bright in color and texture!

  • Chipotle Pepper Jalapeño Glaze - 13 oz jar


    This sauce combines sweet flavors with smoky chipotle, and spicy jalapenos to create a rich and flavorful glaze. Use as a secret ingredient when cooking or grilling or use as a finishing sauce on pork, chicken, ham, or ribs.

  • Cranberry Relish - 18 oz jar - Limited Harvest!


    Limited Harvest Sweet Fresh Cranberry Relish is made with hand chopped garden-fresh ingredients including ripe cranberries, sweet oranges, crunchy walnuts, fresh apples, cinnamon and ginger. Simply pour over cream cheese or top hot brie and serve with your favorite crackers or warm fresh baguettes for a perfect appetizer. Delicious alongside turkey, ham, pork or chicken. Add to hot oatmeal for a real mouthwatering change of pace. This is a must have for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner but pick up a couple extra jars for Easter or any other time throughout the year your taste buds have a cranberry craving!

  • Dill & Garlic Jalapeno Glaze - 13 oz jar


    Combining the fresh and aromatic flavors of dill and garlic to create a bright, sweet and spicy glaze that enhances any of your favorite savory dishes. Jazz up your green beans or spice up salmon, pork or meatballs. Drizzle over fresh hot bread, use as a dip for boiled shrimp, egg rolls, or wontons. A must-have for garlic lovers everywhere!

  • Dilly Dally - 4 oz tin


    This dill and garlic herb mix is bursting with flavor and extremely versatile. Add to soups or stews or use to season grilled shrimp or fish. Add to sour cream or cream cheese for a creamy and delicious dip or spread. A great topper for baked potatoes or a delicious dip for fresh cut veggies. The options are endless with this flavorful garlic and herb mix! Makes 3-4 - two cup batches.

  • Dry Rub Seasoning - 6 oz jar


    A seasoning like no other! Slightly sweet, spicy and bold flavor that will leave you wanting more. Great on ribs, pork, or chicken.

  • Jalapeno Honey- 12 oz jar


    This rich and fragrant honey will take your dishes to a whole new level of deliciousness. Use it to make a honey vinaigrette, whip up honey butter to put on rolls or biscuits, or use to glaze salmon, vegetables or meats.

  • Jalapeno Margarita Sauce - 13 oz jar


    A burst of fresh lime, coupled with a sweet and savory jalapeno flair with a hint of BBQ flavor makes this sauce as versatile as it gets. Great for cooking and grilling chicken, pork, shrimp, turkey or quail. Use it in place of ordinary BBQ sauce, make a sassy coleslaw or use it to add a burst of flavor to sandwiches.

  • Jalapeno Peanut Brittle - 1 LB Gift Jar - Limited Harvest


    Made the old fashion way, hand stirred to perfection, this buttery treat is always fresh, light, airy and delicious. Blended with orchard fresh peanuts, premium creamery butter, and a hint of sweet mild jalapeno love. This melt in your mouth confection has been developed over 5 generations of southern cooks and will take you back to a time of homemade goodness! Limited harvest is available October - December only. Available to ship October-April only

  • Mango Tango Pepper Jelly - 11.75oz jar


    Enjoy this flavorful combination of luscious fresh hand-picked mango and jalapeno pepper. This mildly spicy jalapeno jelly is uniquely versatile, adding a rich and tangy kick to buttered biscuits, tropical grilled seafood, ribs or simply poured over cream cheese or brie and served with your favorite crackers.

  • Orange Blossom Honey - 10 oz jar


    A rich and golden honey with a luscious fresh sweet orange flavor. Whip up a delicious orange honey butter to slather on rolls or biscuits, try a orange honey vinaigrette salad dressing or use as a rich orange honey glaze in carrots, on pork chops, chicken or country baked ham.

  • Peach Mesquite Pecan Sauce - 12 oz jar


    Sweet peaches, spicy jalapenos, and fresh orchard pecans make this slightly spicy sauce perfect for paring with ham, turkey, chicken, pork or quail. Pour over cream cheese, or hot brie and serve with your favorite cracker or warm crusty baguettes. Also, a great condiment to a beautiful meat and cheese platter that is sure to impress your family and friends!

  • Pepper Passion Three Pepper Jelly - 11.75 oz jar


    It’s no surprise this mildly spicy jelly has become a number one seller! A delicious fusion of sweet and spicy peppers makes this homemade pepper jelly a real family favorite! Slather this Jalapeno Pepper Jelly on toast or bagels in the morning or use as a fabulous glaze on pork or chicken. Surprise and entice those unexpected guests with a little sweet pepper love!

  • Raspberry Chipotle Pecan Sauce - 12 oz jar


    The perfect blend of bright, fresh, sweet raspberries, smoky, chipotle pepper, and creamy fresh orchard pecans take this deliciously sweet condiment with just a hint of heat to extraordinary. Use as a marinade, glaze, finishing, or dipping sauce. Simply pour over cream cheese or brie and serve with your favorite crackers for a beautiful and delicious appetizer.

  • Salsalita - 4 oz tin


    This mix is bursting with chunky herbs and a mild jalapeno bite. Delicious when blended with sour cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese, or greek yogurt to make a bold yet tangy flavored Southwest topper or dip. Makes 3-4 - two & a half cup batches.

  • White Chocolate Brittle Bark - 18 oz gift jar


    White chocolate, cranberry, toasted coconut and peanuts. Hand packed in a large glass gift jar. A delicious, old fashioned, homemade treat with the perfect crunch!

  • White Chocolate Brittle Bark - 7 oz jar


    White chocolate, cranberry, toasted coconut and peanuts. An old fashioned, homemade, delicious treat with the perfect crunch!

  • Zesty Southwest Herb Mix- 4 oz tin


    Bursting with chunky herbs and a mild jalapeno bite, this zesty mix is delicious when blended with sour cream or mayonnaise to make a bold and tangy Southwest dip or spread. Great topper for baked potatoes too. Makes 3-4 - two cup batches.