Dip Mixes & Rubs

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  • Dilly Dally - 4 oz tin


    This dill and garlic herb mix is bursting with flavor and extremely versatile. Add to soups or stews or use to season grilled shrimp or fish. Add to sour cream or cream cheese for a creamy and delicious dip or spread. A great topper for baked potatoes or a delicious dip for fresh cut veggies. The options are endless with this flavorful garlic and herb mix! Makes 3-4 - two cup batches.

  • Salsalita - 4 oz tin


    This mix is bursting with chunky herbs and a mild jalapeno bite. Delicious when blended with sour cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese, or greek yogurt to make a bold yet tangy flavored Southwest topper or dip. Makes 3-4 - two & a half cup batches.

  • Zesty Southwest Herb Mix- 4 oz tin


    Bursting with chunky herbs and a mild jalapeno bite, this zesty mix is delicious when blended with sour cream or mayonnaise to make a bold and tangy Southwest dip or spread. Great topper for baked potatoes too. Makes 3-4 - two cup batches.

  • Dry Rub Seasoning - 6 oz jar


    A seasoning like no other! Slightly sweet, spicy and bold flavor that will leave you wanting more. Great on ribs, pork, or chicken.