About Us

There is something very inspirational about growing up in the South. Large gatherings with family and friends, where there was always room for one more, and the kitchen was the center of our world. I hold precious memories of the smells of homemade pies, cakes, and jams wafting from the kitchen so strong that it still makes my mouth water.

My family tree began and grew like many others, with a real devotion to one another, our faith and our love of Southern recipes and those who taught us. I can still remember the women in my family gathered in the kitchen and the anticipation that grew as each fresh scratch made dish was added to an already over-flowing table of delicious homemade goodness. Joining in the preparing of meals was a much-anticipated rite of passage. I was blessed to be part of five generations of the most wonderful southern cooks whose time spent in the kitchen and with one another would always be remembered, and where life lessons were appreciated well beyond what we all realized at the time.

Growing up, I always dreamed of what I would one day do with my life, when I quickly realized that my heart would always belong to those times and those memories and the wonderful food that I had grown up with, along with the passion to share that with others. Today Jalapeno Gold Gourmet & Gifts has allowed me to continue to share much loved recipes from my past and create new exciting combinations of flavors.

Every gathering becomes a celebration when there is a little Jalapeno Gold on your table. Let our products prepared with love and care bring a little heaven and lots of smiles into your home and allow you to create your own mealtime memories that truly last a lifetime.